SmartStream’s post-trade processing solution eliminates downstream exceptions through enabling real-time processes based on verified data.
SmartStream Technologies, the financial Reference Data Utility (RDU) solutions provider, today announces the launch of its Application Programming Interface (API) suite – for quicker access to services providing accurate data, with improved customer service, operational efficiency, greater agility and competitiveness.
This reflects the company’s mission to spearhead technological innovation.
As digital payments take the centre stage, the complexity of transactions is also increasing.
As digital payments push out cash amidst the pandemic, providers look to SmartStream Technologies, for an automation advantage.
Managed services streamlines operations and cuts costs by eliminating manually intensive processes.
Massive data volumes and inflexible legacy systems make reconciliations prime for AI disruption.
Managing back-office trading processes are becoming more complex with the twin pressures of increasing regulation and reduced headcount, which requires banks to reexamine their operations, according to SmartStream’s global product manager of managed services Peter Hainz.
When a European company was struggling with a corporate actions conundrum of spending four hours each day collating new event notifications that have been received into the organisation, it turned to SmartStream Technologies for a solution that would enable them to automate the painstaking process.
Task-driven automation and active alerting enable effective governance of corporate actions processing.
“How do you achieve operational efficiency in a leaner model?” is the question banks seek to answer.
Financial institutions are in for a transformation as regulatory changes come in the next two years.
TGT Chibo Data Service will be an official distributor of SmartStream's solutions in China.
SmartStream Technologies, the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions provider, announced the launch of TLM Aurora, the industry’s leading reconciliation platform.
The technology can optimise processes in all levels, from reconciliation, to stress testing and payments.


SmartStream is a recognised leader in financial transaction management solutions that enables firms to improve operational control, reduce costs, build new revenue streams, mitigate risk and comply accurately with regulations.

By helping its customers through their transformative digital strategies, SmartStream provides a range of solutions for the transaction lifecycle with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies embedded - which can also be deployed in the cloud or as managed services.

As a result, more than 2,000 clients—including 70 of the world’s top 100 banks, rely on SmartStream Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions to deliver greater efficiency to their operations.

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