Competitive advantage: It begins with the customer conversation

Jan 25, 2021

A financial institution can score a massive competitive advantage if it begins a conversation with the potential client at this early stage. Conversational banking does this without any media discontinuity – a secure messenger integrated into the website enables text, voice or video-based exchange.

An automated chatbot or a personal adviser continues the interaction seamlessly, up to the point when the bank sends the client a binding offer as a PDF via the messenger service.

Read more in CREALOGIX Insights - January 2021 edition.

In this January 2021 edition of CREALOGIX Insights, we look at:

  • Conversational wealth management
  • Embracing omnichannel user experience for bank/user win-wins
  • Research: what do high net worth investors want from digital services?
  • The strategic value of improving personalisation
  • Big tech entering financial services: a whale-sized competitive threat?


Our innovative technology and unrivalled expertise combine to fast-track digital banking and wealth management customer engagement.

CREALOGIX works with leading global banks and wealth management firms, empowering them to provide a modern self-service user experience to their end customers, and more easily integrate differentiating fintech features. The ability to accelerate innovation with secure and well-designed solutions helps financial brands improve efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and attract new growth through digital channels. As a pure-play digital banking engagement platform developer, CREALOGIX has over 25 years’ experience focusing on delivering proven customer-centric systems to hundreds of the world’s leading financial institutions.

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