Retail Banking

20 Apr 21
Consumer bank presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, and London unaffected.
15 Apr 21
Compared to regional peers, Malaysia’s biggest lenders have the smallest share of loans under relief programs.
7 Apr 21
Daily, there were than 13 million online banking transactions in the country last year.
6 Apr 21
Infrastructure and consumer issues remain, even with the framework laid out.
31 Mar 21
Ultralow rates, competition will hurt profits to the point where revenue no longer covers operating expenses.
31 Mar 21
Banks can withstand NPL growth due to loan loss reserves.
30 Mar 21
Credit growth is expected to accelerate mildly by 5%, according to Moody’s.
16 Mar 21
His cash bonus dropped by 27% amidst cutbacks in the bank.
16 Mar 21
Review of compensation packages for senior management will be considered later.
5 Mar 21
Sufficient provisions, steady capital positions should reduce risks in the near term.
3 Mar 21
The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China has almost $5t in total assets.
2 Mar 21
And Goldman Sachs reboots cryptocurrency desk following Bitcoin boost.
1 Mar 21
Asia sales activities will be bundled in Singapore.
1 Mar 21
They also appointed a new Group Head of Digital for Institutional Banking last January to replace Latiff.
1 Mar 21
Higher loan provisions affected the bank's performance.
25 Feb 21
CEO Samuel Tsien maintained a cautious outlook for the economy’s recovery.
25 Feb 21
The group emphasized wealth and connectivity-related services as tenets for growth.
23 Feb 21
They are also introducing a co-CEO.
23 Feb 21
Revenue from consumer banking in the region declined 15% in Q4.
22 Feb 21
This ramps up BoQ’s competitiveness via increase geographic diversity and scale of operations.
18 Feb 21
Banks in Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan are likely to consolidate due to weak performances, analysts say.
18 Feb 21
Current chief Tony Cripps will become CEO of Saudi British Bank in May.
17 Feb 21
They will be granted tax incentives to cover transferring costs.
17 Feb 21
Both banks will report earnings next week.
17 Feb 21
Two of those lenders will be selected for sale in FY2021/2022.
11 Feb 21
NPLs declined in 2020, but weak profits make them highly vulnerable to risks.
11 Feb 21
Net interest income is 6% lower in FY2020 than the previous year.
9 Feb 21
And Italy's Intesa CEO said wealth management 'too pricey' for large deals.
8 Feb 21
The branch will be operational by Q3 2021.
5 Feb 21
Each floor costs the bank approximately $774,000 in rent per month.
5 Feb 21
Gross profits rose to $28.4b due to a jump in market related gains.
4 Feb 21
Now in its second year, the conference will discuss the latest retail banking and finance news from top experts and executives across Asia....
3 Feb 21
NPL ratio is expected to climb to 4%, although earnings and provisioning are sighted to improve.
3 Feb 21
Half of forborne loans will be normalised by 2021 and largely resolved by 2023.
2 Feb 21
It is the lender's second onshore expansion in Southeast Asia.
1 Feb 21
The bank is also restrategising its business amidst the pandemic.
28 Jan 21
She will succeed Alan Turner effective 1 March.