6 Apr 21
He replaces Gonzalo Luchetti, who is the new head of consumer banking in the US.
2 Apr 21
Whilst it may improve payment systems, card firms and payment platforms won’t be happy with the potential new competition.
31 Mar 21
Mizuho was forced to vote on a climate-focused resolution in its AGM last year, but more firms are being targeted in 2021.
23 Mar 21
Winnie Yap will be responsible for treasury solutions for Singapore firms.
23 Mar 21
And Barclays expands private banking unit to France and Italy.
5 Mar 21
Non-performing assets ratio is expected to rise to 5.5%-6% by the end of the year.
5 Mar 21
PAYFAZZ is also investing US$30m in Xfers.
4 Mar 21
Need for new capabilities to push bank-fintech collaborations in the region.
2 Mar 21
Singapore Minister Desmond Tan lays out plans to prevent scams.
2 Mar 21
Financial institutions are called to benchmark their practices against examples in the study.
24 Feb 21
The regulator expects financial institutions to remain vigilant to any risk-posing transactions.
9 Feb 21
The regulator is reportedly seeking to prevent a huge rise in bankruptices of businesses.
9 Feb 21
They are not allowed to trade Taiwan dollar deliverable, non-deliverable forwards for a time.
5 Feb 21
But analysts warned that it may cause banks to take up undue risk.
27 Jan 21
PBOC is still investigating monopolies in the fintech company.
25 Jan 21
Noel Quinn is set to appear before the foreign affairs committee’s hearings on Tuesday.
21 Jan 21
Despite rise of robo-advisory, Singaporeans overwhelmingly prefer face-to-face advisory, he said.
20 Jan 21
Five men and two women between the ages of 30-37 were arrested in raids.
20 Jan 21
Asset quality indicators are likely to deteriorate, and local geopolitics will also weigh in.
20 Jan 21
MUFG Bank (Hong Kong) has appointed Lin Li as its head of Global Markets Research Asia, the bank announced in a press release.
19 Jan 21
A total of 39 financial institutions participated in the auction.
18 Jan 21
The tech startup has raised $3b in stock offering for its business expansion plans.
5 Jan 21
To recoup public funds, stake should be sold at $11.33 per share.
18 Dec 20
We're taking the time off!
15 Dec 20
And Credit Suisse says Q4 business 'continued' trend of past three months.
11 Dec 20
The 1MBD scandal saw Malaysia to issue fines worth $3.9b.
10 Dec 20
Banks may see new NPL formation, whilst credit costs are projected to stay high.
8 Dec 20
But earnings headwinds and asset quality will remain under pressure.
4 Dec 20
Sustained-but-subdued profits may drive banks to take on more risk to boost earnings.
2 Dec 20
What does replacing LIBOR mean for financial services firms?
2 Dec 20
The transaction is set to be completed by the second half of 2021.
26 Nov 20
The sector faces many issues including high credit risk and weak underwriting standards.
26 Nov 20
The regulator is unperturbed with China’s recent fintech crackdown.
24 Nov 20
Large corporate defaults, supervisory challenges amongst top concerns for the plan.
12 Nov 20
Despite the rise in digital banking demand, neobanks’ performances faltered compared to incumbent peers.
5 Nov 20
It entails a local currency bilateral swap and a repo agreement.
5 Nov 20
This may be the country’s way of showing Ma who’s the boss, says analyst.
27 Oct 20
If the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”) was a disaster to the financial sector, the COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophe (if not...
21 Oct 20
Going digital does not equal better cost benefits, and developed markets are most at risk, says Morgan Stanley.
30 Sep 20
Annualised credit costs of 79 APAC banks averaged 1.26% of gross loans in H1.