Lending & Credit

13 Apr 21
The surge in lending during the first two months of the year stoked bubble risks.
31 Mar 21
Banks can withstand NPL growth due to loan loss reserves.
16 Mar 21
The bank caved to investor pressure that called for the reduction of loans, underwriting services to fossil fuel companies.
5 Mar 21
Sufficient provisions, steady capital positions should reduce risks in the near term.
22 Feb 21
They will lean on buffers built, but this won’t provide any shield if the pandemic worsens again.
22 Feb 21
Chandra Asri aims to expand export growth of petrochemical products from the country.
18 Feb 21
The PBOC said authorities won’t make 'sharp turns' in monetary policy.
16 Feb 21
It offers a 1.68% p.a car loan and the bank is also donating trees for every loan taken up.
4 Feb 21
Companies have doubled down on ESG commitments due to the pandemic, the banks noted.
21 Jan 21
It will be used to acquire the property 1111 King’s Road in Hong Kong.
18 Jan 21
Compared to November 2019, delinquency rate is down 0.14 percentage points.
18 Jan 21
This was pushed by a sustained rise in mortgage loans.
13 Jan 21
As much as $155b of non-performing personal loans could be offloaded.
13 Jan 21
The lender said it floated the bonds at the lowest interest rates ever.
12 Jan 21
Outstanding loans reached $5.5t in December, 6.2% higher than last year.
8 Jan 21
It will help steer banks’ credits towards companies with stronger balance sheets.
5 Jan 21
The number of mortgage applications rose to 11,375 during the month.
15 Dec 20
It is the fourth ASEAN bank that has announced plans to do so.
2 Dec 20
An improving economy should support better loan recoveries.
1 Dec 20
Demand-supply conditions for loans remains soft going into Q4, says OCBC Treasury Research.
26 Nov 20
The Bank of Korea is expected to continue its low interest rate policy well beyond 2021.
26 Nov 20
It can onboard investors outside of the country.
26 Nov 20
The sector claims clients don't want to borrow in the first place.
26 Nov 20
They expect around 100,000 loan applications to be approved by 2021.
24 Nov 20
Capitalization remains under pressure for UFG, SMFG, and Mizuho.
17 Nov 20
The regulators’ proposed new draft rules may curb rapid growth of online micro-lenders.
10 Nov 20
Household debt reached a record high of $1.47t in June.
9 Nov 20
'Capital-light' business models might change as the capital and leverage requirement is reformed.
3 Nov 20
SMEs may apply for the support scheme until June 2021.
28 Oct 20
The need to pay for basic expenses are one in 10 locals to take out a loan.
20 Oct 20
It will see further growth by tapping in on underserved retail, SME borrowers.
20 Oct 20
As a result, the central bank unveiled additional stimulus measures in October.
20 Oct 20
Agricultural loans, comprising 13% of sector loans, will come under crutiny.
16 Oct 20
The platform also allows merchants to effectively manage expenses.
12 Oct 20
India and Thailand are the most vulnerable.
30 Sep 20
The upcoming lower interest rates on informal lending will kick on growth prospects.
30 Sep 20
Annualised credit costs of 79 APAC banks averaged 1.26% of gross loans in H1.
29 Sep 20
It is Singapore’s first club loan pegged to SORA, says DBS.
25 Sep 20
It is part of the bank’s $30b Global Medium Term Note Program.
16 Sep 20
The banking system is expected to extend $420b in new loans to micro and small businesses.