Islamic Banking

18 Nov 15
Indonesia and Malaysia continue to lead the sukuk market.
10 Nov 15
The mainstreaming of Islamic finance could be underway.
3 Nov 15
Muslims and non-Muslims alike want a seamless digital banking experience.
6 Oct 15
Year-to-date sales of retail sukuk have been oversubscribed.
3 Oct 14
Only one entity was able to sell sukuk.
1 Oct 14
They got the lion's share.
4 Jul 14
Leading to significant funding and capital needs.
14 Nov 13
It’s the first Moody’s rating for the bank.
5 Nov 13
MSMEs can be energized utilizing Islamic finance.
4 Nov 13
Islamic finance could help lower cost of financing well-structured investments.
15 Oct 13
It’s another industry first.
15 Oct 13
Central banks sign an agreement to this effect.
25 Sep 13
Will craft regulations to spur its growth.
23 Sep 13
Islamic banking is growing 50% faster than banking sector.
21 Aug 13
Is considering a DFI as partner this time.
19 Aug 13
Receives go-ahead from the Reserve Bank of India.
9 Aug 13
Conference sponsored by Malaysia and Bangladesh.
7 Aug 13
Vital to unleashing its real worldwide potential.
5 Aug 13
Seeks 49% stake in oldest Malaysian Islamic bank.
29 Jul 13
Encouraged by growing demand and acceptance for shariah loans.
18 Jul 13
Japanese bank pioneers in offering Islamic products and services.
16 Jul 13
Warns of law suits and hefty fines.
16 Jul 13
New law will boost protection for depositors.
5 Jul 13
Absence of sukuk tax legislation in non-Muslim nations to blame.
27 Jun 13
Will jointly develop training and internship programs.
19 Jun 13
The industry is short of 30,000 people.
10 Jun 13
Philippines asks Indonesia for assistance.
7 Jun 13
Islamic Bank of Thailand will use proceeds to hike capital.
5 Jun 13
Find out what CEOs of CIMB, Maybank argued.
5 Jun 13
Shariah banks’ assets grew to US$21.8 billion in 2012 from 2011.
5 Jun 13
Middle East banks in Singapore now offering Islamic banking.
4 Jun 13
These markets include Indonesia and Malaysia.
22 May 13
Leading industry players to meet June 3 to 5.
2 May 13
Provides a new benchmark for Islamic investors.
26 Apr 13
Shariah-compliant banking products to finance property acquisitions.
10 Apr 13
Products to finance residential and commercial and industrial properties in Johor, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and...
21 Feb 13
Goal is to double Islamic banking’s market share to 40%.
20 Feb 13
It is very clear that Islamic banking is now an established industry with high growth prospects.
20 Feb 13
The growth potential for Bangladesh's Islamic finance industry is enormous, and coupled with a steadily growing economy and financial...
14 Feb 13
Permata Bank Syariah will launch a umrah financing in the first quarter.