In Focus

30 Jul 20
The bank’s slogan of co-creation belies a strong charm offensive of attractive deposit rates.
10 Jul 20
Bank BRI recorded $33.5m in transaction value from local MSME exports in 2019.
17 Jun 20
Bank earnings are likely to rebound 7.9% YoY in aggregate net profit.
11 Jun 20
Small banks could lose market share as digital newcomers target underserved segments.
10 Jun 20
The bank’s CEOs and board members no longer have their own offices and instead work together in one large space.
3 Jun 20
Safeguarding wealth and low-risk assets will be investors’ focus.
31 May 20
The downturn has exposed issues in governance and operating practices.
24 May 20
Axis Bank in India has seen a quarter of its loan book stop repayments.
23 May 20
The bank is gearing up its tech and customer-employee experience as neobanks loom.
22 May 20
But 51% of ASEAN banks have yet to fulfill even a quarter of ESG criteria.
16 May 20
The platform generates a credit scorecard in just one second, based on 1.3 million features from opt-in smartphone metadata.
9 May 20
The payments provider has been forging new tech-based products and partnerships to keep up.
5 May 20
The pandemic’s full brunt won’t set in until later in 2020.
1 May 20
They are charging 0.5% from merchants who use their services as subscriptions soar.
29 Apr 20
Over three-fifths of clients are willing to switch to neobanks.
22 Apr 20
Banks with high exposure to SMEs will bear the brunt of the epidemic.
15 Apr 20
A fiscal stimulus is needed to spur demand.
4 Apr 20
Exodus of corporate clients, mortgage risks, and dropping credit card use pose a big threat on revenues.
25 Mar 20
The monetary board’s 50bp policy cut will put additional pressure on NIMs.
28 Feb 20
Card users turn to cash as they steer clear of lofty transaction fees and poor exchange rates.
21 Feb 20
Emerging technology and customer data will help banks weather low interest rates and new competition.
20 Feb 20
Fintechs may tap into US$9.07t (¥984t) of individual cash sitting in banks, says the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
16 Feb 20
Its robust fintech ecosystem and API adoption propels its leading position.
29 Jan 20
They will be attracted to the banks’ strong balance sheets and access to USD funding.
16 Jan 20
Heavy investments in technology will mean nothing without investing in manpower, according to experts.
15 Jan 20
This represents a CAGR of 133.1%.
11 Jan 20
They launched mobile wallet KBZPay, banking on the country's high smartphone penetration to improve financial connectivity.
11 Jan 20
Incumbents are building up capabilities and forging partnerships with former foes to stay competitive.
8 Jan 20
Geopolitical and macroeconomic risks threaten the sector’s overall credit profiles.
1 Jan 20
Only 62% of banks have assigned sustainability strategy to senior management.
16 Dec 19
They might introduce new business models and solve overcapacity, says a former central bank deputy governor.
19 Nov 19
An easing monetary policy and slow loan growth are dragging on NIMs.
16 Oct 19
Banking staff at Singapore’s 18 largest commercial banks grew 5.47% in the last two years.
2 Oct 19
By 2020, cards will emerge as the dominant payment instrument.
30 Sep 19
Alibaba and Tencent, which command significant e-payments market share, could pose a big challenge.
11 Sep 19
Failure at the regional level may squeeze funding options for the NBFI sector.
9 Sep 19
Insurers are lining up to snap up perpetual bonds, with $32.14b of such instruments already hitting the market.
28 Aug 19
Select outlets draw on a mix of batik and contemporary aesthetic and feature special aromatherapies.
21 Aug 19
Banks can expect fiercer competition on the lending and deposit fronts.
14 Aug 19
Employers are seeking data scientists and full stack developers for mobile and web applications that go beyond the traditional set of tech...