In Focus

20 Apr 21
The new regulations reduce the number of licenses and makes clinching foreign capital easier.
15 Apr 21
After Nomura and MUFG, other banks are likely to announce losses related to the US investment firm.
15 Apr 21
Market rebounded in H2 2020 and raised higher capital compared to 2019.
6 Apr 21
Infrastructure and consumer issues remain, even with the framework laid out.
2 Apr 21
Whilst it may improve payment systems, card firms and payment platforms won’t be happy with the potential new competition.
30 Mar 21
Credit growth is expected to accelerate mildly by 5%, according to Moody’s.
28 Mar 21
Additional schemes could stifle growth of cross-provincial borrowing.
20 Mar 21
Big businesses are pushing MSMEs to take up digital banking, says Carlo Nazareno, head of cash management at BDO.
11 Mar 21
In a surging digital economy, the country is poised to make its mark.
5 Mar 21
Sufficient provisions, steady capital positions should reduce risks in the near term.
18 Feb 21
Banks in Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan are likely to consolidate due to weak performances, analysts say.
16 Feb 21
Growing adoptiong of QR payments is driving mobile wallet usage in the country.
29 Jan 21
Ride hailing and e-commerce firms are driving the e-payments revolution, eroding banks’ hold.
26 Jan 21
Temporary relief measures are unlikely to eliminate risks for weaker debtors.
22 Jan 21
But they are unlikely to pose a challenge as newcomers and incumbents target different clients.
20 Jan 21
Digital banking and sustainable products are viewed by leaders as key to resilience.
4 Jan 21
Seven in 10 consumers shopping online increased their use of digital payment methods.
8 Dec 20
To cut costs, fintechs instead reduced office space or moved to smaller locations.
3 Dec 20
WeLab Bank achieved 10,000 sign-ups just 10 days after launch.
2 Dec 20
UOB’s mobile-only bank makes use of personalization to attract Thailand, Indonesia’s tech-savvy generation.
1 Dec 20
Singapore’s big three remain the only ASEAN banks prohibiting financing of new coal-fired power plants.
27 Nov 20
Their partnership with Cloudera has given them valuable insight on customer behavior.
24 Nov 20
NPLs will likely rise to 10-11% in of gross loans in the next 12-18 months.
17 Nov 20
The regulators’ proposed new draft rules may curb rapid growth of online micro-lenders.
3 Nov 20
Net interest income accounted for 70% of lenders’ profits during the first half of 2020.
28 Oct 20
The need to pay for basic expenses are one in 10 locals to take out a loan.
21 Oct 20
Going digital does not equal better cost benefits, and developed markets are most at risk, says Morgan Stanley.
10 Oct 20
Individuals and businesses scramble to adapt, but pitfalls remain.
9 Oct 20
Joel Fastenberg talks about how Citi rose to the challenge of digitization, work-from-home and diversity.
1 Oct 20
Earnings will plunge YoY and rebound QoQ at the same time.
25 Sep 20
Is there really a capital exodus from Hong Kong to Singapore?
15 Sep 20
Operational green shoots remain vulnerable as borders are still closed.
11 Sep 20
Lenders are relying too much on past risk data and numbers instead of long-term growth prospects.
6 Sep 20
The neobank has outlined a bold plan to kickstart a new generation of virtual-savvy customers.
2 Sep 20
Wide credit-to-GDP elevate risks linked to economic imbalances.
26 Aug 20
The gap could expand up to $943b by 2024.
21 Aug 20
The consortium is going big with its dream of meeting the underserved youth’s financial needs globally.
18 Aug 20
Their target markets have been severely hit by the pandemic.
11 Aug 20
Loan moratoriums are set to expire in H2, putting asset and loan quality at risk.
5 Aug 20
Bank loans shrank for the first time since September 2016.