Investment Banking
15 Apr 21
Market rebounded in H2 2020 and raised higher capital compared to 2019.
Cards & Payments, Markets
2 Apr 21
Whilst it may improve payment systems, card firms and payment platforms won’t be happy with the potential new competition.
Financial Technology
28 Mar 21
Additional schemes could stifle growth of cross-provincial borrowing.
Cash Management
20 Mar 21
Big businesses are pushing MSMEs to take up digital banking, says Carlo Nazareno, head of cash management at BDO.
Banking Technology
11 Mar 21
In a surging digital economy, the country is poised to make its mark.
Retail Banking
18 Feb 21
Banks in Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan are likely to consolidate due to weak performances, analysts say.
21 Jan 21
Despite rise of robo-advisory, Singaporeans overwhelmingly prefer face-to-face advisory, he said.
Investment Banking, Wholesale Banking
20 Jan 21
Digital banking and sustainable products are viewed by leaders as key to resilience.
Banking Technology, Retail Banking
7 Jan 21
Consumers are willing to trade their personal info for more tailored service offerings, says Accenture's Paul Ng.
Financial Technology
6 Jan 21
Mastercard has collaborated with fintechs that meet the underserved's financial needs.
Retail Banking
3 Dec 20
WeLab Bank achieved 10,000 sign-ups just 10 days after launch.
Financial Technology, Retail Banking
2 Dec 20
UOB’s mobile-only bank makes use of personalization to attract Thailand, Indonesia’s tech-savvy generation.
Banking Technology
27 Nov 20
Their partnership with Cloudera has given them valuable insight on customer behavior.
Financial Technology, Lending & Credit
16 Oct 20
The platform also allows merchants to effectively manage expenses.
Financial Technology
10 Oct 20
Individuals and businesses scramble to adapt, but pitfalls remain.
Retail Banking
9 Oct 20
Joel Fastenberg talks about how Citi rose to the challenge of digitization, work-from-home and diversity.
25 Sep 20
Is there really a capital exodus from Hong Kong to Singapore?
11 Sep 20
Lenders are relying too much on past risk data and numbers instead of long-term growth prospects.
Retail Banking
6 Sep 20
The neobank has outlined a bold plan to kickstart a new generation of virtual-savvy customers.
Financial Technology, Retail Banking
21 Aug 20
The consortium is going big with its dream of meeting the underserved youth’s financial needs globally.
Co-Written / Partner
6 Aug 20
More than 120 banks were awarded in this year’s programme.
Retail Banking
30 Jul 20
The bank’s slogan of co-creation belies a strong charm offensive of attractive deposit rates.
Financial Technology, Lending & Credit
23 Jul 20
The platform matches up customers’ loan needs from banks and lenders.
Retail Banking
10 Jul 20
Bank BRI recorded $33.5m in transaction value from local MSME exports in 2019.
3 Jul 20
The Financial Services Agency has let go of its bank inspection manual.
Branch Banking
3 Jul 20
This is the bank’s first branch to have an interactive screen.
19 Jun 20
A more flexible Payment Services Act makes it easier for fintechs to apply full operations in Singapore.
11 Jun 20
Small banks could lose market share as digital newcomers target underserved segments.
Retail Banking
10 Jun 20
The bank’s CEOs and board members no longer have their own offices and instead work together in one large space.
Financial Technology
10 Jun 20
Singapore alone houses hundreds of fintech companies, ramping up competition.
Lending & Credit
3 Jun 20
More than 60 customers now comprise the group.
Retail Banking
23 May 20
The bank is gearing up its tech and customer-employee experience as neobanks loom.
Wholesale Banking
22 May 20
But 51% of ASEAN banks have yet to fulfill even a quarter of ESG criteria.
Financial Technology, Lending & Credit
16 May 20
The platform generates a credit scorecard in just one second, based on 1.3 million features from opt-in smartphone metadata.
Cards & Payments, Financial Technology
9 May 20
The payments provider has been forging new tech-based products and partnerships to keep up.
Cards & Payments
1 May 20
They are charging 0.5% from merchants who use their services as subscriptions soar.
Retail Banking
4 Apr 20
Exodus of corporate clients, mortgage risks, and dropping credit card use pose a big threat on revenues.
Retail Banking
5 Mar 20
Products need to be sustainable and scalable to meet the needs of the unbanked.
Cards & Payments
28 Feb 20
Card users turn to cash as they steer clear of lofty transaction fees and poor exchange rates.
Financial Technology
20 Feb 20
Fintechs may tap into US$9.07t (¥984t) of individual cash sitting in banks, says the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.