Custody & Clearing

11 Feb 21
Citi has appointed Mark England as Asia Pacific head of sales for custody and fund services.
8 Feb 21
It has priced US$500 3-year senior fixed bonds at T+67 bps.
23 Mar 18
Banks are currently looking into outsourcing, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity but are wary of unproven results.
22 Feb 17
Asian banks zooming towards faster and more secure transactions while navigating the region’s mounting regulatory hazards.
24 Mar 16
Industry insiders share strategies as the market faces increased regulation and regional harmonisation.
29 Feb 16
The funds are managed by Schroders, BNP Paribas and Manulife.
24 Sep 15
Custodian Banks are used by their customers for the safekeeping of proprietary and third-party interests in securities; the settlement and...
13 Dec 13
But proceeds jumped 14.1%.
12 Nov 13
The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is likely to lift the RMB 20,000 daily limit on currency conversion for Hong Kong...
21 Oct 13
The Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) opened on 29 Sep.
18 Sep 13
Efforts to globalize the renminbi (RMB) reached a milestone when the currency joined the league of the most-traded currencies for the first time...
16 Sep 13
In mid-2012, the China’s State Council approved the development of the Qian­hai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation...
29 Jul 13
To enhance financial stability in Singapore.
19 Jul 13
3Part of campaign to internationalize the RMB.
18 Jun 13
Find out what the 'virtual global longbox' does.
4 Jun 13
Given that RMB is fungible offshore, the emergence of new offshore centres simply expands the existing regime instead of creating competing...
11 Apr 13
Two days before the Singapore's announcement, financial institutions in Taiwan formally launched their RMB business after signing...
25 Mar 13
The Asian banking community is anxiously following the debate around the BCBS/IOSCO proposed mandatory margining of non-cleared swaps...
12 Mar 13
On 8 February, the People's Bank of China announced that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Singapore) will become the RMB...
13 Dec 12
He will also head the Electronic Futures Execution team.
12 Dec 12
The Taipei branch of Bank of China will serve as a clearing bank for renminbi transactions in Taiwan.
7 Nov 12
And Andrew Hempshall is global head of solution delivery & service, investors & intermediaries.
7 Nov 12
Michael Drumgoole was appointed as Asia Pacific head of the business.
30 Oct 12
It is an outsourced solution providing end-to-end execution, settlement and custody services.
19 Oct 12
CIMB launched its international money transfer service, SpeedSend, to Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Nepal.
12 Oct 12
Bangkok Bank is awaiting once China's central bank approval to allow yuna to be used as a settlement currency.
10 Oct 12
Singapore moved a step closer to getting a yuan-clearing bank after issuing full banking licences to two Chinese lenders.
28 Sep 12
With its jump from 57th place in 2011, could Taiwan be the next offshore RMB clearing centre?
31 Aug 12
China and Taiwan has paved the way for the establishment of a cross-Strait currency clearing mechanism by signing a memorandum on currency...
9 Aug 12
Spot checks will be carried out on South Korean Standard Chartered and HSBC Holdings over money laundering allegations.
7 Aug 12
The Philippine central bank said a bill will be filed in the country’s Congress to reduce the clearing time for checks to just one day....
17 Jul 12
Thailand's banks identified the mobilisation of funds to meet loan demand while keping fund cost as low as possible as one of its challenges...
17 Jul 12
Bank of Taiwan is working to get the central bank's permission to become a clearing bank under the cross-strait currency clearing system....
22 Feb 12
Increased pricing pressure, cost complexities, and western regulatory initiatives may have custodians worried.
17 Feb 12
The FATF added Pakistan, Indonesia, and Thailand along with Ghana and Tanzania to its blacklist.
15 Feb 12
Standard Chartered’s Giles Elliot says it will surely have a big impact in the market, though not all players can afford the capital...
8 Feb 12
HSBC and Standard Chartered concur that banks in Asia will have to brace for a depth of regulatory change and evolution of tax regimes this year...
1 Feb 12
Find out what HSBC’s Ian Banks and Standard Chartered’s Giles Elliot have to say about the challenge of having a system that embeds...
2 Jan 12
What a difference a year makes, or does it?