Sector Report

1 Nov 18
Lenders are adopting the technology in Shariah compliant smart contracts.
1 Nov 18
It rolled out Project Ubin, a collaboration exploring blockchain for settlement of payments and securities.
13 Sep 18
Their own digital wallets were built around customers’ payment preferences.
13 Sep 18
They expect real-time information and responsiveness at their fingertips.
17 May 18
Banks are rolling out digital cash management tools to adapt to changes.
17 May 18
41% of customers now prefer to interact with their banks online.
23 Mar 18
Banks are currently looking into outsourcing, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity but are wary of unproven results.
23 Mar 18
Banks build alliances to tread tricky waters of technology and regulation.
29 Jan 18
Bank Mandiri, Doha Bank, and UOB share their insights on how new platforms and technologies are changing the way they do forex.
28 Nov 17
For banks to truly resolve the SMEs’ pain points, they will have to do more than just offer conventional banking products and services...
24 Oct 17
Islamic banks are grappling with digitalisation which has taken conventional banks by storm.
2 Aug 17
ICBC (Asia), OCBC NISP, Danamon, and other Asian banks reveal how they navigate the digital world whilst ensuring branches remain competitive....
4 Jul 17
Find out how DBS, Maybank, OCBC, and Bangkok Bank partner with fintechs to bring a better user experience in the payments space.
30 May 17
Digital innovations are improving Asian banks’ transactional efficiency and client experience, but costs are far from cheap.
3 Apr 17
See which handful of technologies are powering the latest wave of innovative banking products and service enhancements in Asia.
22 Feb 17
Asian banks zooming towards faster and more secure transactions while navigating the region’s mounting regulatory hazards.
25 Jan 17
Asian banks that step up to expand services to SMEs, embrace digitisation, and harness blockchain may find the risks well worth the rewards.
20 Dec 16
Check out what OCBC NISP, Bank Dhofar, and CIMB Islamic have to say.
1 Nov 16
Asian banks are wowing business customers with tech-powered solutions that bring increased efficiencies and regional operating expertise.
5 Oct 16
Find out what UOB, Krungsri, RHB, and KBANK have to say.
26 Aug 16
Find out from Standard Chartered, OCBC, EY, Krungsri, and TEB.
26 Jul 16
Is digital banking about to replace the branch experience?
10 May 16
Asian banks are starting to veer away from heavy customisation and complexity in cash management services.
26 Apr 16
The future looks bright for banks and FinTech but only if they learn to strategically cooperate rather than ruthlessly compete.
24 Mar 16
Industry insiders share strategies as the market faces increased regulation and regional harmonisation.
3 Feb 16
Yuan continues to gain favor after inclusion in the IMF’s SDR Basket and Implementation CBIS.
25 Nov 15
What talent development strategies could possibly work?
18 Nov 15
Indonesia and Malaysia continue to lead the sukuk market.
10 Nov 15
The mainstreaming of Islamic finance could be underway.
3 Nov 15
Muslims and non-Muslims alike want a seamless digital banking experience.
27 Oct 15
Asian central banks are moving towards relaxation in FX control.
13 Oct 15
And KBANK suggests moving towards a single trading platform.
7 Oct 15
Decreasing liquidity, Asian integration and regulation are just some of them.
16 Sep 14
Singapore banks are lauded for being very ready.
24 Jul 14
Financial institutions scrambling to get more flexible.
2 Apr 14
Find out what Citi, Maybank, DBS, and other major banks in Asia have to say.
2 Oct 13
And pricing increase will likely be passed to the corporates.
25 Sep 13
Heightened volatility increases risk, says OCBC.