Product Watch

13 Dec 16
Find out how you can use the UOB Mighty Secure.
28 Nov 16
It offers financing of up to 120% of the value of the SME's property.
14 Nov 16
It will also launch in the US in early 2017.
31 Aug 16
The service is based on WAY4 Messenger Banking.
4 Aug 16
SMEs can have a direct feed from their operating accounts with UOB.
29 Jul 16
It is already live in Malaysia and Singapore.
27 Nov 15
The UOB Mighty mobile app saw 5,500 unique downloads a day since its soft launch.
18 Nov 13
Here's how Singaporeans can send money directly.
30 Oct 13
It enables enhanced control over clients' payment flows.
23 Oct 13
It's Malaysia’s first-ever chip-based mobile point-of-sale payment solution.
18 Sep 13
All thanks to the new UOB Business Debit Card.
11 Sep 13
Check out how Kwik Account can benefit you.
21 Aug 13
Around 500 clients are already enjoying this online tool.
16 Jul 13
One in five customers already used the service.
25 Jun 13
Blue chip stocks are no longer out of reach.
19 Jun 13
ACCESS lets clients do financial transactions in a single location.
11 Jun 13
Find out what the major differentiating factors are.
31 May 13
CENTRIC launched first in Hong Kong and Singapore.
19 May 13
Cash, investment holdings displayed in real-time.
6 May 13
See what makes it a hit among customers.
26 Apr 13
Find out who can avail the new programme.
19 Apr 13
It was developed by Citi Innovatin Lab in Singapore.
2 Apr 13
Apply until April 27 to enjoy a guaranteed annual return of 2.4%.
25 Mar 13
Guess how much interest a three-month fixed deposit of SGD$350,000 had?
27 Feb 13
Cardholders get 20% off tickets to the Man Utd Museum and Stadium Tour.
20 Feb 13
It's now available to treasury management clients in 12 markets in Asia Pacific.
19 Feb 13
You can start a transaction on a mobile device and complete it on Citibank Express.
6 Feb 13
Kee Joo Wong, HSBC’s Head of Payments and Cash Management in China, reveals some exclusive information.
5 Feb 13
Customers can earn monthly rebates to waive off fees on their banking transactions.