Country Report

10 May 19
Delinquencies climbed in the overseas loans of cyclical sectors as well as loans to China and Southeast Asia.
17 Oct 18
It rolled out a real-time fund transfer system, open API guidelines, virtual banks authorisation in 2018 alone.
13 Sep 18
From addressing specific needs to developing new business models, banks are getting a digital makeover.
14 Jun 18
The country’s slowing economy is about to squeeze banks’ profits and drive even greater costs.
23 Mar 18
Chatbots, data analytics, and open banking remain the main challenges in 2018.
2 Oct 17
Legacy systems, regulatory challenges, and exposure to the mainland are taking their toll on banks.
3 Jul 17
Despite stable market conditions, the country’s economy is not quite out of the woods.
15 Mar 17
Rising risks plague China banks amidst slowing economy.
24 Jan 17
But optimists insist the worst is over.
21 Nov 16
Analysts remain bearish amidst weak growth in China and plans of further monetary tightening in the US.
2 Sep 16
A perfect storm has shut the door for more growth.
29 Jul 16
There is concern that the entry of more foreign banks will threaten local banks.
26 Apr 16
Poor economy, inflexible rules to blame—credit ratings may also bear brunt.
24 Mar 16
The deterioration in asset quality can be seen as Thai commercial banks’ non-performing loans surge.
3 Feb 16
Singapore banks spent 2015 bound by slow growth chains and they will not likely break free in 2016.