Chart of the Week

26 Jul 16
Expect weaker quality loans in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China.
8 Mar 16
Philippine banks are 85% deposit-funded on average, and rely little on wholesale funds.
17 Feb 16
NPL ratio of every bank fell from 3Q15, except for KBANK and TMB.
10 Feb 16
NPL ratios could jump to as much as 6%.
8 Dec 15
Decreasing RoA, rising NPLs, and pressured NIMs haunt banks.
10 Nov 15
Krung Thai Bank and Siam Commercial Bank were the biggest losers.
13 Oct 15
Combined profit fell 14.62% to 14.685 trillion rupiah.
10 Feb 15
Also, trade loans could fall faster than expected.
30 Oct 13
Half of all loans are linked to property.
21 Oct 13
Total system LDR jumped 60bp.
9 Oct 13
But Public Bank's outlook remains intact.
2 Oct 13
Numbers are high, but MAS is still worried.
18 Sep 13
Overseas markets are key drivers of slow growth.
10 Sep 13
They've kept their loan-deposit ratios low.
4 Sep 13
The sharp overdue loans increase suggest weak underlying trends.
28 Aug 13
Taiwanese banks' level is low compared to peers.
21 Aug 13
UOB is the only Singapore bank with Thai operations.
6 Aug 13
It reduces the banks' offshore funding task.
23 Jul 13
Most banks expected to retain their pricing power.
16 Jul 13
Assets outside Singapore grew at a 15% CAGR.
10 Jul 13
Current growth rate is quite close to the floor.
3 Jul 13
Cheaper borrowing costs are a boon.
25 Jun 13
DBS and UOB posted record-high Fees and Commission.
19 Jun 13
It's a 'second derivative' of credit.
11 Jun 13
Hang Seng and HSBC will benefit the most.
21 May 13
Gap between big banks and JSBs narrowed.
15 May 13
A single-digit growth looms for 2015.
8 May 13
Regulatory tightening was already imposed in China.
23 Apr 13
RMB deposits in HK have grown tenfold.
3 Apr 13
Do the cooling measures translate to burgeoning NPLs?
26 Mar 13
RMB payments surged 120% over the last six months.
20 Mar 13
Credit to the nonfinancial corporate sectors increased sharply since 2005.
13 Mar 13
Find out which banks are more exposed to the impact of the property cooling measures.
5 Mar 13
But results are still impressive, thanks to better NPLs.
19 Feb 13
Guess which country has the lowest loan penetration at 30% of GDP?