Cash Management

10 May 16
Asian banks are starting to veer away from heavy customisation and complexity in cash management services.
16 Feb 16
She'll play a vital role regarding expansion.
8 Oct 15
The CIPS is a clearing system for cross border RMB payments.
11 Mar 15
It's a slight improvement compared to 2013.
1 Sep 14
As a consequence of the financial turmoil in 2008, Basel III adds new requirements for the composition and quality of capital to financial...
3 Jul 14
Most of total fund inflows were ETFs.
11 Dec 13
They signed up for order routing.
30 Oct 13
It enables enhanced control over clients' payment flows.
23 Oct 13
Fears rising home prices are fueling inflation.
10 Oct 13
HSBC has appointed Simon Babbage to the role of Head of Payments and Cash Management for HSBC in Australia where he will be responsible for...
20 Sep 13
Axis Bank now offers clients increased transaction security.
19 Sep 13
To speed up USD payments to China.
17 Sep 13
It'll help improve sales turn-around.
17 Sep 13
The percentage is ahead of Asia Pacific’s other offshore RMB hubs.
17 Sep 13
Deutsche Bank technology to process dollar and Euro payments.
11 Sep 13
Thanks to Penang's significant outsourcing potential.
28 Jun 13
Transaction Banking in Asia is dominated by the ‘Big Three’ of Standard Chartered, HSBC and Citigroup - however the emergence of...
24 Jun 13
It had a record numer of attendees.
19 Jun 13
ACCESS lets clients do financial transactions in a single location.
11 Jun 13
Find out what the major differentiating factors are.
10 Jun 13
Cash flow forecasting is the primary challenge.
14 May 13
BAML's head of treasury product Faisal Ameen gives us some exclusive information on the alliance.
2 Apr 13
Motasim Iqbal has been appointed to this position.
26 Mar 13
Learn more about the tailor-made ‘gross-in / gross-out’ model.
26 Mar 13
Citi is supported by Euroclear Bank and Clearstream in serving Asia Pacific.
26 Mar 13
He will report to Amol Gupte and Weber Lo.
18 Mar 13
New bank services and advanced technology enables treasurers to implement multi-currency, multi-country and multi-bank cash pooling in Asia...
7 Mar 13
Guess what the 9 top priorities for Asian corporate treasurers are?
5 Mar 13
It's to streamline multi-bank JPY payment and reporting processes.
20 Feb 13
Dispersing cash in a country as large as India has traditionally been hugely problematic due to the way the financial services infrastructure...
20 Feb 13
It's now available to treasury management clients in 12 markets in Asia Pacific.
7 Feb 13
It's now available in 12 markets across Asia Pacific.
7 Feb 13
That's only a day after domestic banks became eligible to offer RMB-related services.
6 Feb 13
Kee Joo Wong, HSBC’s Head of Payments and Cash Management in China, reveals some exclusive information.
30 Jan 13
It recently partnered with Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation to host an investment forum.
29 Jan 13
The macroeconomic downturn in 2012 has gradually shifted its influence from the real economy to the financial sector.