Cash Management

20 Mar 21
Big businesses are pushing MSMEs to take up digital banking, says Carlo Nazareno, head of cash management at BDO.
27 Jul 20
The bank will also provide custody, fund administration and trustee services.
2 Jul 20
Technology is the top investment priority by most of the respondents.
9 Jun 20
Alvin Ho will oversee the cash management sales in the country.
24 Oct 19
27% flagged the impact of trade tariffs on their businesses.
21 Oct 19
By analysing massive data volumes, UOB is able to slash loan processing time by 60%.
28 Aug 19
The bank aims to extend $7.5b in new and additional loans for SMEs by 2021.
2 Jul 19
Companies can identify inefficient use of liquidity and improve internal funding sources.
24 May 19
He was formerly the CEO of Deutsche Bank Nederland NV.
15 May 19
Global transaction banking revenues are estimated at nearly $1t in 2017 or 43% of wholesale banking revenues.
14 May 19
The bank will provide cash management and trade finance services.
9 May 19
The bank is the first major player in Thailand to apply blockchain to enhance supply chain transactions.
8 May 19
Small firms can now build customised websites within 15 minutes.
30 Apr 19
We are living in Industrial Revolution 4.0 where data have emerged as the new ‘growth fuel’, powering everything from productivity and...
16 Apr 19
Clients can open accounts in as quickly as two days.
15 Apr 19
Straight2Bank Pay aims to simplify the collection process.
7 Sep 18
‘RHB REFLEX’ arms its users with flexible cash flow management capabilities.
13 Aug 18
A system that shares information on suspicious customers and transactions is being considered.
10 Aug 18
The bank's inward fund transfer system can accommodate $45,085 at a time per day.
2 Jul 18
There is one machine per 826 residents.
14 Jun 18
He also talks about the bank's efforts of tapping new technologies.
6 Jun 18
Lenders may soon shun less stable short-term funding sources amidst clearer guidelines.
17 May 18
Banks are rolling out digital cash management tools to adapt to changes.
16 May 18
The collaboration aims to streamline cross-border payments.
19 Apr 18
ATM withdrawals are surging as the country still reels from the 2016 demonetisation.
13 Apr 18
SmartSend allows money transfers to Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, the UK, and the US.
4 Apr 18
Further decline was offset by high savings and time deposits.
26 Mar 18
They have become the most significant, non-US dollar banking player in terms of size.
13 Mar 18
The country's deleveraging campaign boosted return of funding demand to on-balance sheets.
26 Feb 18
She will report to Rajesh Mehta, Asia Pacific head for TTS, and Amol Gupte, ASEAN head and CEO of Citi Singapore.
18 Oct 17
And find out why Canada's alternative lenders face bigger impact from new mortgage rules.
16 Oct 17
It is the first paperless import payment solution in the country.
9 Aug 17
The bank hopes for a 20% boost in forex volume with the push into transaction businesses.
15 Jun 17
Both are first-of-its-kind solutions for treasurers.
30 May 17
Digital innovations are improving Asian banks’ transactional efficiency and client experience, but costs are far from cheap.
10 Feb 17
Hong Kong's yuan banking business is thriving.
11 Oct 16
He will report to global head of treasury services, Jeff Bosland.
8 Jun 16
She has been with Citi for 13 years.