Cards & Payments

25 Sep 20
All cards under the startup are now available under Google Pay.
22 Sep 20
‘Buy now, pay later’ schemes are on the rise especially amongst millennials.
9 Sep 20
International e-wallets such as Google Pay and Masterpass are gaining steam.
8 Sep 20
Share in transactions hit 54% this year.
2 Sep 20
The bank can now provide custody services to Chinese mutual and private funds.
25 Aug 20
It also plans to appoint a country business development manager.
24 Aug 20
Real estate salespersons will now be able to instantly use their commissions.
18 Aug 20
Card members can enjoy a zero-interest installment at thousands of merchants in Vietnam.
18 Aug 20
It hosts two e-wallets in Singapore dollars and Malaysian ringgit.
17 Aug 20
Pandemic-related fears is crippling away at cash payment’s dominance.
12 Aug 20
Backing from banks and merchants has made contactless payments mainstream.
5 Aug 20
The payments startup said that it is on track for a nation-wide launch by end-2020.
29 Jul 20
Merchants using Airwallex do not need to open bank accounts to collect payments.
23 Jul 20
The value is expected to reach $200.2b by 2024 at a CAGR of 7.6%.
22 Jul 20
Fear of COVID-19 spread is driving consumers towards digital payment tools.
20 Jul 20
It will be available for use immediately after opening an account with the lender.
15 Jul 20
It has partnered with local players to allow merchants to access 900 locally-preferred payment methods.
15 Jul 20
Daily average use of contact-free spending jumped 12.7% from Feb to May.
14 Jul 20
Business activities and consumer spending will further fast-track the growth.
9 Jul 20
Customers need only to “click to pay” for their web purchases.
7 Jul 20
They are targeting 100,000 users in the first year of launch.
6 Jul 20
It subscribes customers to the loyalty programs of each company, respectively.
2 Jul 20
The new MCB International Debit Card offers discounts at 150 stories in Yangon.
30 Jun 20
The partnership will support the company’s rollout of its commercial cards platform.
24 Jun 20
The sector is posed to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2019 to 2024.
24 Jun 20
Even small merchants are now pivoting to cashless payments, says GlobalData.
23 Jun 20
It begins with traders from five markets in Penang adopting the solution.
23 Jun 20
Users of the platform will see transaction time reduced to less than 5 seconds.
18 Jun 20
Majority won’t revert back to using cash even after the pandemic is over.
17 Jun 20
The industry recorded 29 deals in Q1 from only 23 in Q4.
16 Jun 20
PayNow is the top choice for 18.2% of surveyed consumers.
15 Jun 20
But finance firms stand to lose 40% of new business if account opening isn’t fully online.
10 Jun 20
Annual default rates of credit card purchase rose to 6% in March from only 4.4% last year.
9 Jun 20
Card payments are expected to rise at a CAGR of 1.8% to $66b by 2024.
8 Jun 20
The app has also partnered with Mastercard for exclusive promos.
3 Jun 20
It comes with a digital version within the Grab app.
21 May 20
The country’s credit card issuers are seeing a rise in credit card use for online purchases.
21 May 20
This marks London-based PPRO’s entry to the Japanese e-commerce market.
19 May 20
E-payments firm Octopus said that mobile wallet usage rose 30% in February.
9 May 20
The payments provider has been forging new tech-based products and partnerships to keep up.