Cards & Payments

20 Apr 21
The NUE licensing has attracted the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook.
20 Apr 21
The new regulations reduce the number of licenses and makes clinching foreign capital easier.
15 Apr 21
After Nomura and MUFG, other banks are likely to announce losses related to the US investment firm.
13 Apr 21
Singapore is the first market ever where Citi has rolled out this service for new cardholders.
13 Apr 21
Testing is currently under way with 12 Taiwan banks.
6 Apr 21
Customer satisfaction for e-wallets was higher than that of banks.
2 Apr 21
Whilst it may improve payment systems, card firms and payment platforms won’t be happy with the potential new competition.
16 Mar 21
Unlike credit cards or loans, there are no fees in BNPL if payments are made on time.
4 Mar 21
Cards will remain king, but e-wallets will overtake them in online purchases.
2 Mar 21
Banks and payment firms are stepping up their card game to encourage cashless spending.
23 Feb 21
Buy now, pay later solutions are popular amongst Millennials.
19 Feb 21
It will facilitate local collections through payments platform provider 2C2P.
16 Feb 21
Growing adoptiong of QR payments is driving mobile wallet usage in the country.
15 Feb 21
More than half of businesses in the country now accepts Singapore Quick Response Code.
29 Jan 21
Ride hailing and e-commerce firms are driving the e-payments revolution, eroding banks’ hold.
26 Jan 21
Rising financial inclusion and improvements in the payments infrastructure drove growth.
21 Jan 21
Whilst COVID-19 hampered this rise, growth is expected to pick up again through 2024.
18 Jan 21
It bought the remaining 30% stake of GoPay last December.
12 Jan 21
Bank transfers made up 30.7% of the local payments market in 2020.
5 Jan 21
DPT activities carry higher inherent money laundering and terrorism financing risks.
5 Jan 21
They can even set a part of their salaries to be automatically transferred to their Revolut wallet.
4 Jan 21
Seven in 10 consumers shopping online increased their use of digital payment methods.
15 Dec 20
The government has pushed banks to cut rates on credit card balances.
8 Dec 20
Fourth wave of infections to further erode consumer confidence in the near term.
4 Dec 20
The firm reportedly expanded its Singapore team by nearly 30% during the pandemic.
24 Nov 20
The market’s growth slowed to 11% in 2020 from last year’s 35.3% surge.
23 Nov 20
Benefits include a loyalty programme and 0% retail installment.
17 Nov 20
The entrance of WeChat Pay is expected to intensify competition in the payments space.
4 Nov 20
Consumer spending fluctuated amidst waves of new coronavirus cases.
29 Oct 20
Merchantrade is Malaysia’s largest money services operator, with over 1,700 touchpoints.
27 Oct 20
An estimated 23.5 billion mobile wallet transactions are expected to occur in 2020.
27 Oct 20
Thousands are applying for debt workouts.
21 Oct 20
Card payments is estimated to grow by 2.3% in 2020 and reach $82.8b by 2024.
21 Oct 20
The card harvests energy from payment terminals to power its sensor.
20 Oct 20
Customers can use it to transfer money, apply for loans, and pay through the LINE app.
19 Oct 20
But it is bound for a 7% recovery come 2021.
30 Sep 20
All customer funds shall be returned by 14 October.
29 Sep 20
Credit, debit card payments account for 36.8% of the country’s total e-commerce value.
28 Sep 20
It features a total of four payment types.
25 Sep 20
Customers will be able to make payments without using a physical card.