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18 Mar 19
Tracey Davies, President of Money20/20, and founder of the Rise Up initiative, outlines the five ways the program empowers women at work as...
7 Oct 16
It has been two years since Chinese banks have seen their luck turn sour with raising NPLs and decreasing profits.
7 Oct 16
61% of respondents to the ICC Banking Commission’s latest Global Survey reported a shortfall in global trade finance.
6 Oct 16
This post examines initiatives to accelerate the development of Japan's payment infrastructure through the lens of the Zengin System—the...
27 Sep 16
Global banking is facing a perfect storm.
26 Sep 16
This post examines the current status and future outlook of legacy modernisation in Japan's financial industry based on a survey Celent...
19 Sep 16
Back in 2012, Thailand's Electronic Transactions Commission issued regulations that mandated domestic...
13 Sep 16
As per Reserve Bank of India, the Indian banking system has gross stressed assets of 11.5% of total assets, as of March 2016.
30 Aug 16
The classical central banker’s dilemma is how to address the growth versus inflation conflict.
19 Jul 16
Slower economic conditions around the region are certainly impacting our banks and financial services institutions, but that doesn’t mean...
4 May 16
The second quarter of the calendar year is always a very active period for recruiters, after Chinese New Year and post-bonus season.
27 Jan 16
The first quarter of the calendar year is traditionally a peak recruitment season within banking & financial services.
4 Nov 15
Private banks in Asia are increasingly burdened by risk and regulatory requirements, in fact more so than any other segments within banking....
2 Nov 15
Careers in banking and finance are ever-evolving as constant change in Asia's markets creates demand for new skill sets.
6 Oct 15
As Asia's financial services sector continues to evolve, so too are the opportunities facing banking and finance professionals.
30 Sep 15
A combination of traditional banking values and omni-channel seamless customer service will ensure that vanilla commercial banks will always...
16 Sep 15
In the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis, a chorus of bankers reaffirmed their commitment to global universal banking because it...
22 Jul 15
Hiring in Asia's banking and finance sectors remains active.
8 May 15
Following the slowdown in recruitment activity before the Chinese New Year, an increasing number of jobs are becoming available in the accountancy...
28 Apr 15
Before I founded Anagram Group and became a corporate trainer/coach, I spent over 15 years in the banking industry working for some of the world...
13 Apr 15
Singapore recently played host to the launch of the ICC Academy, established to provide certified business education, initially in banking and...
23 Jan 15
Job opportunities in the accountancy, finance, and banking sectors are growing as many international companies continue to invest in the Asia-...
6 Nov 14
While challenges remain, a number of drivers look set to underpin Asia's banking sector over the next few years.
4 Nov 14
In the wake of broad global regulatory initiatives including Basel III, the roll-out of Dodd-Frank, the European Market Infrastructure...
24 Oct 14
Ask any finance professional to nominate the key challenge the industry faces today, and they'll likely choose complying with tighter...
11 Sep 14
On average, an associate investment banker in Singapore earns SG$86,811 per year, almost double the median gross yearly income of a typical...
9 Sep 14
With the Singapore banking sector starting to reach maturity, many HR departments are now focusing on attracting and retaining talent, in...
4 Sep 14
Singapore is on the brink of concluding an agreement with the US to clamp down on tax evasion by US citizens or residents (US persons), a move...
1 Sep 14
Over a decade ago, factors such as globalisation, deepening of financial product usage, and demographic change led the banking and financial...
8 Aug 14
Internal Auditors, Regulatory Reporting Analysts, and Financial Planning & Analysis professionals are among the skills in high demand across...
24 Apr 14
All-round Finance Managers, Regulatory Reporting Analysts, and Financial Planning & Analysis professionals are among the skills in high demand...
2 Apr 14
There is a current trend in offshore fund and deal structuring towards more compliance and corporate governance.
24 Mar 14
At a conference in November 2012, Thomas J.
6 Mar 14
Market experts are saying that the global economy is doing comparatively better than the past few years.
6 Mar 14
Wild currency swings can wreak havoc on your vacation.
14 Feb 14
The Monetary Authority of Singapore issued Notice 643 “Transactions with Related Parties” on 2 April 2013 which sets out the MAS...
10 Feb 14
Bankers everywhere are very familiar, and in one or two cases possibly slightly apprehensive, about the new liquidity and funding requirements...
27 Jan 14
In 2013, the finance industry in Asia continued to drive global economic growth, with key markets China and India leading the charge.
20 Jan 14
Australia’s success as a trading nation is vitally dependent on the expertise of trade financiers and the quality of their products and...
16 Jan 14
Asian Banking and Finance fraternity has come a long way in Banking Journey but many more milestones are yet to be achieved.