Banking Technology

20 Apr 21
And British digital bank Starling raises $69m from Goldman Sachs funding arm.
7 Apr 21
Daily, there were than 13 million online banking transactions in the country last year.
6 Apr 21
Infrastructure and consumer issues remain, even with the framework laid out.
23 Mar 21
The bank suffered four glitches in a span of two weeks.
11 Mar 21
In a surging digital economy, the country is poised to make its mark.
3 Mar 21
Half of its ATMs in Japan shut down on 28 February despite a $3.7b system upgrade just two years ago.
2 Mar 21
Its repeated technical glitches pushed India’s central bank to take action.
24 Feb 21
Local retail investors can now access GSAM’s fund through seven retail distributors.
23 Feb 21
SME business owners need only to face the camera to authenticate their application.
19 Feb 21
It will facilitate local collections through payments platform provider 2C2P.
5 Feb 21
It will launch retail banking services in H1 2021.
29 Jan 21
The webinar discussed trends in digitisation and how banks are effectively using data to enhance processes.
18 Jan 21
Financial firms should analyse and share threat intelligence within the ecosystem.
11 Jan 21
Investors see the virtual currency as a safe asset amidst new coronavirus outbreaks.
7 Jan 21
Consumers are willing to trade their personal info for more tailored service offerings, says Accenture's Paul Ng.
7 Jan 21
With smart phone usage growing year over year, mobile banking is the preferred method of customer engagement with banks.
6 Jan 21
Without a doubt, COVID-19 is rapidly changing the way business is done and this is visible across industries.
15 Dec 20
Citi Asia Pacific Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) has appointed new leadership for data and innovation, effective immediately.
10 Dec 20
It has achieved a 96% accuracy rate, based on internal tests by the bank.
9 Dec 20
Half of respondents said processes are still too manual.
8 Dec 20
AI to have biggest impact in financial services, but advisory services will still require human interaction.
8 Dec 20
And France's Societe Generale to merge two retail banking networks.
4 Dec 20
Its clients can obtain customized wealth management information and knowledge kits.
27 Nov 20
Their partnership with Cloudera has given them valuable insight on customer behavior.
27 Nov 20
The development and penetration of the financial sector in local Asian markets confirms that the future has arrived in the region.
25 Nov 20
DigibankASIA has selected the Philippines for the rollout of the new lender.
17 Nov 20
Aspire transactions will be imported into Xero hourly.
28 Oct 20
Dissatisfaction on traditional corporate banking products is one reason.
21 Oct 20
Clients in Singapore and Hong Kong will be the first to try the service.
20 Oct 20
Almost 100 banking professionals participated in the first ABF Retail Banking Virtual Conference.
20 Oct 20
Half of banks surveyed fret about the activity being too manual.
13 Oct 20
Bank-Genie’s BanqIn will migrate customers’ data in a single platform.
25 Sep 20
It will digitize the bank’s entire ETF primary market cycle.
27 Aug 20
Banking-as-a-Service, or more commonly known as BaaS, is an end-to-end process that enables third parties to directly connect with banks ...
27 Aug 20
The Fusion Adopt program enables VPBank to trade higher volumes of treasury.
26 Aug 20
About 60% of the population are more attuned to digital services.
25 Aug 20
It will facilitate easier transfers from other banks to Citibank accounts.
18 Aug 20
It will make use of a cloud-exporting model developed by Lufax Holding.
11 Aug 20
The bank will adopt a multi-cloud approach in its core banking and trading systems.
5 Aug 20
Around 30% said that they are open to sharing their data in relation to online purchases.