18 Mar 21
The bank will extend the technology to all of its ATMs in Singapore progressively.
2 Mar 21
Minister Desmond Tan lays out plans to prevent scams.
23 Nov 20
It will discontinue the current RMB liquidity facility on 23 November.
18 Nov 20
They hope to boost cross-border data transfer and risk management.
26 Oct 20
Sub-contractors, suppliers seek extra financing to ease cash flow pressures.
23 Oct 20
Swampillai also made deliberate misrepresentations to 1MDB’s auditors.
23 Oct 20
They will also pay US$2.3 billion to the US government.
21 Oct 20
Clients in Singapore and Hong Kong will be the first to try the service.
2 Sep 20
It will engage in brokerage and securities investment consulting, amongst other services.
1 Sep 20
Impaired loan ratios are expected to more than double from end-2019 levels.
26 Aug 20
The bank extended $1.36b in green loans in eight deals from January-August.
24 Aug 20
Successful programme participants will now be qualified as data analysts.
20 Aug 20
Lockdowns across the region force wealth managers to stay at home.
17 Aug 20
The plan is still in its early stages.
6 Aug 20
The lender has set aside more allowances for further macroeconomic deterioration.
4 Aug 20
It aims to build up leadership and innovation in the region.
4 Aug 20
Bandhan Bank’s biggest shareholder sold some of its stake to meet regulatory rules.
4 Aug 20
These include a micro-investment solution and "buy-now-pay-later" plans.
3 Aug 20
The event, running from December 7-11, will be hosted across cities globally.
3 Aug 20
The “Map Your Money” dashboard will help visualize the user's future cashflow.
21 Jul 20
The regulator plans to require licenses to any person in Singapore issuing digital tokens.
13 Jul 20
The prototype successfully settled multicurrency transations on the same network.
7 Jul 20
More than half of the big three’s loans are exposed to at-risk overseas markets.
6 Jul 20
The bank is seeking repayment of the $105m it lent to the company.
1 Jul 20
It will be renamed to Zedra Trustees (Singapore) Limited.
30 Jun 20
It will dispose of its entire equity interest to Phillip Securities.
4 Jun 20
CEO Victor Lee expressed his apology to affected customers.
28 May 20
The consortium is developing a fairness metric for credit scoring and customer marketing.
19 May 20
The number of SME accounts opened digitally more than doubled in Q1.
30 Apr 20
The allocated $700m for COVID-19 risks prompted an increase in general allowance.
22 Apr 20
The start of the programme will be moved to July.
22 Apr 20
The bank has approved three times more loans in March compared to January.
26 Jan 12
An almost desperate need to bolster their balance sheets will ensure European banks will continue to lose leverage in Hong Kong and the rest of...
25 Jan 12
Increase in card loans pushed South Korea's credit card spending to KRW540 trillion or US$478.5 billion in 2011.
25 Jan 12
Maybank is targeting a double digit growth in the remittance business for financial year 2012.
24 Jan 12
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation wants to buy more Philippine banks with nearly P5 billion.
24 Jan 12
 South Indian Bank reported a 36% net profit increase to Rs 102 crore in the quarter till December 2011.
24 Jan 12
European banks have begun lending less to Hong Kong in December, fueling fears the Eurozone contagion could be worsening.
23 Jan 12
Punjab National Bank revealed that its total business reached Rs 6.21 lakh crore at the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2011-12.
23 Jan 12
Kotak Mahindra Bank posted a 46.96% increase in net profit with Rs 276 crore for the quarter ended December 31, 2011.