4 Aug 20
Bandhan Bank’s biggest shareholder sold some of its stake to meet regulatory rules.
3 Aug 20
The event, running from December 7-11, will be hosted across cities globally.
6 Jul 20
The bank is seeking repayment of the $105m it lent to the company.
30 Jun 20
It will dispose of its entire equity interest to Phillip Securities.
6 Jan 12
Yet analysts doubt on the marketability of KDB shares in the current environment.
2 Jan 12
It is easy to see how individual investors can be confused and anxious recently because of the Euro-zone crisis – and many will be...
2 Jan 12
What is a Convertible Bond (CB)?
2 Jan 12
A momentous step forward has recently been taken by the Chinese government in its quest to apply a Value Added Tax (VAT) across both its goods...
9 Dec 11
61% of global investors predict that the country will face a crisis within the next five years.
1 Dec 11
“Now this is not the end.
1 Dec 11
There's an interesting twist in the way the Basel III framework for bank regulation will be applied in Australia.
1 Dec 11
Despite volatility in the global economy, one long-term trend is certain: economic power, capital inflows and trade activity continue to shift...
21 Nov 11
The banking group may issue new shares equivalent to as much as 10% of its existing equity to pay for the unit.
9 Nov 11
Through the ABIL project BBVA has managed to create a completely new self-service banking experience.
3 Nov 11
Now, more than ever, there is a greater call for Asia to step up and play a bigger role in international financial institutions and along with...
3 Nov 11
While there is a sense of uncertainty for some banks, others have made no changes to their hiring plans and good talent remains in high demand....
26 Oct 11
Bursa Malaysia Securities provides 6 month extension of its $416mn fundraising scheme.
25 Oct 11
The three new senior appointments of BNP Paribas Wealth Management will give an added boost to the bank’s growth strategy for the region...
24 Oct 11
Andrea will report to David Covin, Global Head of Investor Sales Client Strategy and Business Development.
20 Oct 11
Prior to joining HSBC, Mr Adams was Vice President for BlackRock’s Asia ex Japan active equity capability.
20 Oct 11
This will increase Commonwealth’s stake to 20%, the maximum allowed for a foreign investor.
18 Oct 11
The lender kicked off the capital structure improvement process with a $3.9bn sale in July 2009.
18 Oct 11
But the application process with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the HKEx is still ongoing.
18 Oct 11
8 banks seek the country’s Supreme Court mandate to stop imposing the tax.
17 Oct 11
The alliance will enable the South Korean lender to issue covered bonds.
17 Oct 11
Protestors rallied in Hong Kong and Tokyo in support of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that began last month in New York.
12 Oct 11
The $5bn update seen to boost the program whose preceeds will be used to fund the bank’s general business.
11 Oct 11
The sovereign wealth fund’s support for state-owned banks spurred HKSE rally.
10 Oct 11
The company eyes selling 66.74mn new common shares at $7.70 each.
8 Oct 11
Five lenders will sell six tonnes of gold to help narrow the gap between domestic and international prices.
4 Oct 11
Only 17 percent of Asian consumers expressed confidence in financial providers in Q2 based on the Corporate Executive Board’s (CEB)...
4 Oct 11
You are probably exposed to it already even if you did not invest in it intentionally.
28 Sep 11
The cheapest Chinese bank stocks may plunge further as the credit boom is showing signs of turning into a bust.
22 Sep 11
As it is predicted to become the dominant center for global trade flows over the next 12 months.
9 Sep 11
BIDV chairman Tran Bac Ha revealed that his bank is preparing for an initial public offering in the fourth quarter of this year.
7 Sep 11
It is concerned that the profitability and capital buffers of the banks will fall.
7 Sep 11
The Big-Four banks also disclosed that they made a total provision of $14.4b as of end 1H11.
30 Aug 11
Banking analysts are expecting a slower second half for Malysian banks based on the souring global economic outlook and the banking data...
26 Aug 11
It also has the option to increase its stake to 40%.
23 Aug 11
The rights issue’s proceeds targeted to increase lending in small-to-middle sized businesses and the automotive sector.