In Focus

27 Oct 20
All lenders, borrowers are to cease issuance of SOR-linked products by end April 2021.
26 Jan 12
Three of Japan’s largest banks have begun a campaign to conquer at least 10% of Australia’s lucrative banking industry.
24 Jan 12
The Philippines’ financial system isn’t as immune to the worsening Eurozone debt crisis as it thinks it is.
24 Jan 12
Government-controlled Corporation Bank plans to establish 400 overseas branches in just two years.
17 Jan 12
CIMB Group Holdings Bhd will finally achieve its bridgehead in the Philippine banking industry within the next two months.
15 Jan 12
The State Bank of Vietnam, the central bank, resolutely denies the country’s banking system has fallen into a severe debt crisis...
11 Jan 12
RHB Capital Bhd and OSK Holdings Bhd have submitted an application to merge.
10 Jan 12
Europe continues to be the happy hunting ground for leading Asian banks seeking growth through mergers and acquisitions.
9 Jan 12
Japan’s burgeoning debt, now equal to about twice the country's annual economic output, focuses sharp attention of the vulnerabilities...
5 Jan 12
But the question is, who will be the first to do so?
4 Jan 12
Expand or die. South Korea’s four leading commercial banks have begun an aggressive expansion into Asia’s emerging markets...
4 Jan 12
The strong yen is making Europe a profitable hunting ground for leading Japanese banks bent on mergers & acquisitions.
2 Jan 12
Japan's second biggest bank received $90b in offers from European banks.
23 Dec 11
Fitch expects lower but still healthy loan growth in 2012 - but how healthy is it?
22 Dec 11
The country seeks to triple its financial sector by the end of this decade.
21 Dec 11
But to which company will HSBC be selling it to?
20 Dec 11
So loan growths are expected to moderate significantly in 2H12, but which bank remains a relative outperformer in uncertain times?
18 Dec 11
Four Australian banks will face a class suit for charging exorbitant fees.
12 Dec 11
Their employees allegedly asked bankers to change rates they submit for setting Tibor to gain an advantage.
7 Dec 11
Many KEB workers hit Hana chairman for trying to pacify angry sentiment over the FSC’s alleged endorsement of the Hana-Lone Star deal....
30 Nov 11
Blame it on supply and demand as more senior bankers now want to have Asia experience on their CV.
29 Nov 11
The debt crisis caused Japan’s largest brokerage to reduce its assets in Italy.
22 Nov 11
RHB may issue new shares equivalent to as much as 10 percent of its existing equity to pay for the unit, according to Bloomberg.
21 Nov 11
Asia's financial institutions can cope with possible global financial meltdown caused by Europe's debt crisis due to its good...
21 Nov 11
The central bank warns of a sudden spike in global risk aversion that can hurt the Singapore banking system.
18 Nov 11
And worse, loans to property developers are doomed to sour as sales slow.
17 Nov 11
Eight lenders will contribute to the five-year bullet facility, according to Bloomberg.
16 Nov 11
But Temasek’s spokesperson neither confirms nor denies the ‘market speculation'.
15 Nov 11
The Japanese bank's gain from conversion of shares in Morgan Stanley drove the profit target increase.
14 Nov 11
With more than $6 billion in spare cash, why not?
10 Nov 11
Encouraged by a revenue jump of 80 percent in its last fiscal year, ANZ is targeting “pretty aggressive” growth in China.
10 Nov 11
It's pretty grim for bank employees looking for a job.
9 Nov 11
UOB remains an analyst’s best pick being the least aggressive lender over the past 36 months.
8 Nov 11
The Bank posted a significant 63% drop in its 3Q11 profit after Lone Star Funds announced it would sell its stake to Hana Financial Group.
4 Nov 11
Credit Suisse and Nomura Holdings recently announced cost cutting, all the more proving Asia’s falling job market.
3 Nov 11
The sovereign debt crisis in the Euro zone sure got Japanese banks worried.
2 Nov 11
Nomura has plans to triple cost cuts to $1.2 billion after incurring its first quarterly loss.
1 Nov 11
Systemic loans in September surged 3.1% - guess which sector pulled the loans up?
28 Oct 11
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China’s net income surged 28% to 54.4 billion yuan.
27 Oct 11
And it’s not one, not two, but five counts of securities fraud plus one count of conspiracy - now isn’t that something?