Banking Technology

2 Jul 20
The COVID-19 pandemic forced Singapore banks to change tack in order to meet social distancing and work from home requirements.
11 May 20
It can now provide digital letter of credits to clients.
20 Jan 12
MAS urged banks to quickly implement new measures to enhance the security of the retail payment infrastructure.
16 Jan 12
Retail banking IT spending in Asia-Pacific is pegged to increase by over US$7bn.
14 Jan 12
A total of 1658 ICBC Telephone Banking call desk staff were on duty during the New Year holiday just passed, attending over 500,000 incoming...
6 Jan 12
The technology is equipped with sophisticated features to ease clients’ trading, transaction and market information gathering.
4 Jan 12
Opening account in the social networking site is one of its strategies to continue providing "superior banking services.
2 Jan 12
China’s informal and unregulated shadow banking system has grown rapidly in the past two years, and now accounts for over one-fifth of...
15 Dec 11
This is Teradata’s first partner bid with Microgen.
8 Dec 11
F@ST Abacus was employed by a Turkish bank to manage its off-site ATM location selection process.
1 Dec 11
Imagine having instant and total control of your money.
30 Nov 11
Villagers only need to produce a certificate from the headman along with photographs for opening of accounts.
15 Nov 11
The last ATM in the country was launched by Co-operative Bank back in 2003.
9 Nov 11
Asia Pacific: rapid growth in fast payments The Asia Pacific payments market is sometimes seen as slower than that of...
2 Nov 11
The bank’s auto loan, home loan, personal loan, education loan and consumer loan functions are now automated.
26 Oct 11
Upgrades in user interfaces and features offering simple and intuitive solutions pave the way to the next generation of banking experience....
26 Oct 11
RED SEGURA's kit converts any ATM into an NFC/RFID/QR ATM ready while maintaining support for legacy EMV and magnetic cards.
26 Oct 11
GRG also signed the agreement with MIT to develop the Myanmar Payment Union.
25 Oct 11
The bank has introduced app for iPhone, Android and Windows 7 and for iPads and Android tablets.
24 Oct 11
The bank has also deployed Juniper Networks SRX1400, SRX3400 and SRX3600 Services Gateways for its security capability set.
17 Oct 11
The lender taps Indonesia’s 3mn BlackBerry users and 4.7mn of its mobile banking customers.
12 Oct 11
Renewal of contract shows the lender’s trust in IBM’s advanced technologies which create additional synergies, flexibility and...
12 Oct 11
The MOU seen as a positive development toward broader and more efficient banking services in Indonesia.
20 Sep 11
Oracle Financial Services Basel II enables banks to meet Islamic Financial Services Board Guidelines for capital adequacy.
20 Sep 11
F@ST Liquid Data is mainly for the reconciliation between ATM Switch data, ATM Journal data and branch data.
14 Sep 11
Its overseas revenue also surged an amazing 591.9% to US$41.96m.
9 Sep 11
China’s phenomenal economic growth over the past three decades has attracted much attention worldwide.
7 Sep 11
The tool saves depositors from opening multiple savings accounts for different goals and occasions.
7 Sep 11
The new platform has multi-banking, multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities.
6 Sep 11
Small online are among those offering standard variable interest rates a full percentage point below those offered by bricks-and-mortar bank...
1 Sep 11
Did you hear the one about the man who jumped from a burning oil rig?
26 Aug 11
The app is available in Apple iPhone's iOS, Google's Android OS and the RIM BlackBerry OS platforms.
26 Aug 11
Non-resident Indians can now easily track exchange rates, as well as track their money transfer request via their mobile phones.
26 Aug 11
It’s the first Intelligent Cash Automation Solution order from Asia Pacific region to implement P2801L AutoDepot at RT Mart Taiwan.
24 Aug 11
He will be responsible for driving the company's business in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest target market in the Middle East.
24 Aug 11
The bank partnered with Kony to create the banking app for three smartphones, namely Apple iPhone's iOS, Google's Android OS and the RIM...
23 Aug 11
Uses the social networking site as venue to offer promotional and marketing tool.
23 Aug 11
The lender’s aims to double the share of internet transactions to 10% by 2013.
15 Aug 11
The kiosk will further enhance customer convenience and self dependence by offering various services without the intervention of bank employees...
2 Aug 11
Cloud Computing is anticipated to reap potential revenue of USD 800 billion and the industry is being hailed by analysts as one of the most...